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Low back pain that radiates to the hip, buttock, and down a lower extremity is a common ailment. Sometimes pain worsens with bending at the waist, coughing, sitting, or sneezing. This  Condition can also cause tingling, numbness, or weakness of the leg. Releasing Trapped Nerve Energies can Create Magical Body Improvement.

Benefits of the KMI Series

Maximum performance with minimum effort


Greater flexibility and ease of movement

Increased energy and faster recovery


Decreased pain and tension


Healing of old injuries

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For Example, Sciatica is a pain that radiates from the low back down a lower extremity; it is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve. This nerve transmits sensation from the lower extremities and lumbar area of the low back. We often help people to recover from these kinds of ailments without surgery.

With KMI's unique blend of MyoFascial Bodywork & Movement Integration    Expect to See these kinds of Benefits