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What is KMI ?

KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration) springs from the 
pioneering work of Dr Ida P Rolf, as developed, by Thomas 
Myers. KMI consists of a multi-session protocol (usually 12) of 
deep, slow fascial and myofascial manipulation, coupled with 
movement re-education. KMI is one of a number of schools that 
train practitioners in 'Structural Integration', Ida Rolf's name for 
her own work. Structural Integration is practiced as an old-world 
craft with a 21st century comprehension of how your body 
structure works. (from KMI website)

Is KMI the same as Rolfing ?

Yes and NO! Dr. Ida P. Rolf developed structural Integration, 
later to be called Rolfing by the recipients of her work, "Have you 
been Rolfed?" and by the Rolf Institute. Rolfing is a service mark 
for graduates of the Rolf Institute. All of the other schools (14 or 
so, both national and international) have their own designations 
like Hellerworker, Zen Therapist, Soma Practitioner, KMI'er, 
Guilder etc, and all are represented and approved by the 
International Association of Structural Integration (IASI). All of 
the schools use the Ida Rolf "recipe" as the basis for instruction.

I hear it can be very painful, is this true ?

Each of us experiences pain differently. Some of us can withstand 
high levels of intensity and others are more sensitive. We will 
work together to ensure that your level of pressure is tolerable. 

"At least do no harm" is our credo as bodyworkers. "The thing I 
want the most is for my clients to reestablish balance in their 
body. The last thing I want is to create pain." -M. Williams 

The object of the work is to find shortnesses in the body and 
lengthen them. This may require some intensity and may cause 
discomfort. If it "hurts good" this is like pain leaving the body 
and as long as you are comfortable and can breath easily and 
deeply we can agree to continue on.

All of us have 'stuff' stored up in our bodies; from injuries, 
athletics, traumas, diet, pollution, emotions, etc. If there is a 
particular spot in your body ( you may know of one) that is more 
bound-up, it may be necessary to work more deeply for a short 
period. If there is more sensation than is comfortable, you are 
encouraged to let us know. A small reduction in our efforts has 
large affects on your sensation.

Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI)

KMI satisfies your clients with changes you can ‘midwife’ in their
body posture and movement. It is also wonderfully satisfying to
you as a practitioner – KMI stimulates you intellectually, emotionally and in
the acquisition of technical skills for a career-long love affair with your work.

KMI is a series of 12 deep sessions that work progressively through the
entire body promoting balance, ease, and movement coordination
as well as a vivid and accurate self-image through kinesethetic perception
and myofascial release.

KMI is an art, science, and a practical application of structural bodywork.
KMI trains you in a wide vocabulary of touch and movement skills.
KMI is a premier training in Structural Integration – hundreds of practitioners
across the Americas and Europe and Australia have been trained in KMI
with financially successful and spiritually satisfying practices.

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