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Matthew Williams, LMT, BCSI
KMI Board Certified Structural Integrator

Our Training in Integrated Disciplines

Allows Delivering Optimum Improvements

For Your Body's Specific Needs. . .

Matthew has specialized in therapeutic structural bodywork and softtissue injury treatment since graduating in 2000 from the 1000-hour professional licensing program at the Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle WA. Then completed the 500-hour Kinesis Myofascial Integration training in the spring of 2005 with Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains. After this extensive advanced training he passed the rigorous BCSI exam to become the only Board Certified Structural Integrator (BCSI) in Central Oregon and one of only 10 in the state of Oregon.

His clients are of all ages. . . Athletes, homemakers, doctors, students, teachers, professionals, retirees, parents, grandparents and anyone else that has an interest in an integrative approach to achieving optimal health.

“I see myself as an educator as much as a therapist. I want to help you find your own organic balance. My ideal client has a yearning to understand their body better so they can have easy and pain-free life. They are willing to work through old, dysfunctional patterns so they can discover their a new organic way to move.” Matthew Williams LMT, BCSI