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More about Matthew

Matthew is not only a Professional bodyworker, he is also a family man, a musician, an outdoorsman and an educator. . .

Matthew has lived in Bend Oregon for the last 11 years with his wife Nicole and daughter Ivy. They have busy lives all of them, Nicole is a Restorative Yoga Teacher at Central Oregon Community College with her private classes at the Yoga Loft. She has been involved in group exercise teaching for over 20 years.

Ivy is a 5th-grader at Lava Ridge Elementary. Dad is a weekly helper in her class and enjoys getting to participate in her education. She is an enthusiastic and talented student. Ivy loves to read and write, draw and create with her favorite Toy Lego! She goes skiing and mountain biking with dad and recently got her Purple Belt in Karate.

Matthew Skis 40-50 days a year, rides the local mountain bike trails all season long and plays drums in Chiringal a local Latin Band. He has played music his whole life. His mom was a piano teacher who started him out at 4 years old. Once he found drum sticks in 2nd grade there was no turning back. He has played ever since in
Marching, Concert and Jazz Bands in high school and college and many rock, funk, blues, psychedelic, drum circles and jazz groups as well.

A teacher of Anatomy at the Sedona School of Massage and locally at Sage School of Massage, Matthew has also taught drumming privately and in classes over the last 25 years.

If you are interested in drumming and percussion of all sorts then you have that in common with Matthew. He has played both Nationally and Internationally in Big Bands, Vocal ensembles and various other bands and orchestras.

Playing Schedule "Live Gigs" Reverberation : Chiringa Music Band

Come see Matthew play "Live". . . Facebook : Chiringa Music Band

Nicole, Matthew & Ivy

Matthew "The Drummer"