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"Matthew showed incredible knowledge and versatility of his technique and of human physiology. His care made me more aware of areas of issue in my body and led me onto a healthier path. Furthermore, I sent a particularly challenging client to him for which he worked wonders for."
 Jason Friedman - Owner, Center For Life Chiropractic P.C.

"Matthew is wonderful! I've seen many people go through his program with life changing results. He knows the body better than anyone I know. I'd recommend him to anyone!"
 Tania Mahood - IT Analyst at The Center

"Matthew was born to do Structural Integration, he is awesome! He has been a major factor in helping me control my back pain."
 Amy Huson - Owner, Trainer at Future Street Farm

"Matthew Williams has not only helped me in maintaining a healthy well being and assisting me in correcting alignment issues in my own body, but also by exciting me to complete more continuing education in my own field and increasing my knowledge of human physiology. He impressed me from the beginning with his caring attitude and level of professionalism. I always look forward to a Structural Integration session with Matthew because each of my appointments has been a positive experience and I leave with my body and mind feeling refreshed as well as often feeling an inch taller. I will also continue to recommend Matthew to my personal training clients as his services are incredibly important to their individual health programs."
 Jessie Singleton - Health and Fitness Specialist

"Matthew is one of my personal favorite massage therapists. I have been in the industry a long time, and I know what it takes to be a cut above. Matthew is that. He is intuitively gifted, strong without being hard, and specific while working thoroughly. I would hire him again in a heart beat. If only I could!"
 Toni Nurnberg - Free Lance

"Matthew is a gifted and creative therapist who addresses each problem presented to him in a holistic way.  He has a wealth of knowledge which he shares in an easily accessible and personable manner, yielding great results.  He spends the time necessary to ensure that his clients receive the maximum benefit from each session, and offers take-away tips for continued improvement off the massage table.  Writing this, I'm prompted to schedule my next session soon!"
 Cathy Carroll - Cross Media Manager at 1859 - Oregon's Magazine/Deschutes Media

"Mathew is a true healer. From the moment that he steps into the room to the hours / days after his treatment you can feel the energy / integration work within the deepest core of your body / mind / spirit.  Mathew takes such joy and has the highest standard of excellence of any one in the field of massage that I have had the priveledge of knowing.  He helped me tremendously through issues such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and emotional ( depression / ansiety ) pain.  Mathew - along with his tremendous amount of knowledge and hours spent the art of healing - has a very loving open, trustworthy and honest heart and demeanor.  He is amazing to say the least!"
 Kivi Byrne - L.M.T.

"Matthew's ability to address chronic pain and gets results is unparalleled. He has an excellent command of his craft and addresses root causes to made lasting change. I highly recommend Matthew if you are experiencing any type of discomfort or pain."
 Holly Hutton - Clinical Herbalist and Community Garden Coordinator

"Mathew is very professional and he really knows the body well and his trade well. I highly recommend him as a Massage Therapist and bodyworker."
 Jenny Anderson - Director of Fitness Operations at Athletic Club of Bend

"His thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm over becoming an advanced bodyworker were two of his most pronounced professional traits during our time spent studying together. Personally, I think he is a neat guy!"
 Julius Daniels, RN, LMT - Massage Therapist & Registered Nurse

"I am writing this to let others know how knowledgeable and professional Mathew is . . .
With the physically demanding work I do (Carpet, upholstery & rug cleaning) Mathew was able to methodically release stressed & tight muscles. I am very impressed with his logical approach as well as being personable and a sense of humor that made the work fun. He not only helped me to stand taller, he brought awareness to areas where I was tight, released them and gave me exercises to both prevent further problems as well as strengthen them.  I highly recommend Mathew and his work."
Aaron Kadoch - Owner at Naturally Clean Carpet, Upholstery & Rug Cleanin